Stavros Kostidakis is a visual artist from Athens, Greece. From a very young age he liked drawing, so he started to deal with pencils, markers and let his imagination go free. At first he studied Interior Design (Technical Professional/Vocational School/Lyceum, Public Vocational Training Institute), but soon realized that he wanted to deal with visual communication. So, he studied graphic design at AKTO (Art & Design College) and generally start dealing with the combination of images and words, storytelling with images or combination of images & words, such as comics etc [Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree in Graphic Design, Middlesex University, Research study/work on Lettering for comics]. He also deals with animation & motion graphics, video editing etc (Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree in Graphic Design, Middlesex University, Practical work on Animation), character design & puppet making for puppetry & shadow theater Anemodoura.

Beyond visual works, he is sometimes expressed through electronic music trying to make pictures with sounds, by creating monotonous music patterns, sound atmospheres, making collage with sounds, beatmaking & turntablism/djing. He produces music and performs under the nicknames tape86 (albums: Earsplitting memory, Kill the siren, 33 Recordings) and Cryintro (album: A few moments away, Wrongpad). He is also the co-founder of the electronic music net label 33 Recordings and the music collective Wrongpad.

When he does not do anything with the above, he prefers to talk about all these, while drinking and eating with friends.